How to use for the first Time?

Vanilla Cast cookware has been treated to be rust resistant. However, if you find any specs of rust it is completely normal. Scour it off using a scrub, mild soap and water and dry completely.

Rub in any dry flour (Chickpea/rice/wheat) using a cloth and rinse off. This helps to remove fine iron dust, if remaining. Heat the pan. Once dry, add about 50ml of any cooking oil and heat till oil begins to smoke. Remove from heat source, cover pan and allow it to soak in oil for 24 hours. Drain out excess oil. Heat again till oil starts smoking. Pan will begin to turn black. Pan is seasoned and ready to use.

To prevent food from sticking (for the first time)

Sauté/fry 2 finely chopped onions /chives till golden brown. Rinse only in water without soap and use.

Suitable heat sources

Vanilla Cast iron cookware can be used on domestic gas, electric, kerosene or halogen stove, conventional/convection oven, coal/ fire and induction. Do not use in the microwave oven.

Use spoon of any material

Vanilla Cast iron cookware is an investment / product for a lifetime. You can use a ladle of any material that can withstand heat like metal, wood, etc. when cooking.

Avoid damage

However, since they are heavy, do not drop the pan. Do not drag the pan on stove tops / counter tops to avoid scratches. Instead lift with both handles and place.


Wash after every use

Simply use hot water, a mild detergent and a gentle scouring pad to clean your pans. Dry, (Reseason, if used occasionally) and store.

Note: You can use the packing filler given with your cookware to make scrub pads. Simply cut to required size.

For easier cleaning

Immediately after cooking, empty contents into serving ware and when the pan is still hot, wash regularly under running water. Be cautious about very hot surfaces.

Burnt food accidentally

Note that if any food, burnt or simply stuck to the pan, is not removed when cleaning, the food will get stuck at these same spots when cooking subsequently. So remember remove theseby simply soaking pan in detergent for about 10 minutes before scrubbing it off. And reseason it.

For more cleaning tip, check our FAQ.

Re-season your pan

After washing and drying your pan. Simply apply a thin layer of your regular cooking oil on the all surfaces and heat till it begins to smoke. Air cool and store till next use.

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Remember it’s all about seasoning your pan well to make it work like a non-stick surface and it can always be restored.