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Product Features:

  1. Manufactured with pure cast iron and seasoned with pure sunflower oil.
  2. Optimised and specially treated surface finish, holds seasoning well and gives uniform cooking.
  3. Wide, flat base, no wobbling, heats evenly.
  4. Straight walls radiate heat upwards, ideal for foods that need equal distribution of heat.
  5. Pouring spout on both sides suited for left-handed and right handed persons.
  6. Rivetless joints, no food residues.
  7. Handles placed horizontally, no obstruction and burning when stirring.
  8. Air vent for slower heat dissipation to the handles.
  9. Ergonomically designed handles – better grip and easier lifting.
  10. Thickness helps hold heat well and does not burn food easily.

Product Details
Name: Skillet with dual loop handles
Material: Food grade cast iron
Size: 218 mm (8 inch) dia
Product dimensions in name is rounded to the nearest inch for ease of communication
Dimensions: 315x238x73mm (bowl 218x218x58 mm)
Weight: 2.45 kgs
Heat : Can be used on Gas / Induction / Electric / Campfire / Oven Not for Microwave use.
Capacity : 1.3 ltr
Uses:This cooking pot with a wide, flat base is an essential utensil of any kitchen. Ideal for shallow frying and deep frying as the heat retains well. Easy to roast grains, spices or seeds like peanuts, sesame, etc. Prepare your favourite stews/curries, And jalebis yumm! A must have for everyday use!

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